Product Demo

Product Demo of Anion Sanitary Napkin

Experiment 1: Looking at the packaging Of Anion Sanitary Pad

The external packaging of sanitary napkin in the market is mostly of ordinary plastic materials and once it is opened, it cannot be sealed again. The same is seen in the inner packaging for the individual pieces of napkin. In the production process, this can easily lead to contact with human hands, thus causing second contamination.

Anion Sanitary Napkin: the external packaging uses aluminum foil packaging normally required for food product packaging. It has the easy-to-open seal stripe which can be reused and has better anti-moist, antibacterial and antifungal functions. Each piece of sanitary napkin is automatically packed and sealed once it is first formed on the production line so that it will not come into contact with human hands, thus preventing second contamination and ensuring safety and cleanliness.

Experiment 2: Degree of Comfort by hand contact for Anion Sanitary Napkin

Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin is thinner and softer and gives a more comfortable feeling as compared with other brands.

Experiment 3: Observing examples of absorption, side leaking and back flow for Anion Sanitary Napkin (Pad)

Brand A

Brand B

Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins

We use the injector to inject 50ml of water into the three sanitary napkin one by one. By pressing on the surface of the sanitary napkin with our hands, we will find that the surface of Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin is comfortably dry. However, for the other sanitary napkin, water will flow out from the surface and the sides when we are pressed.

After that, we use a piece of tissue paper to press on each of the three sanitary napkins, the tissue paper pressing on the Love Moon Anion  Sanitary Napkin will not show any water mark.

The menstrual discharge accumulated in the sanitary napkin will make the napkin moist. Due to the nutrients contained in the menstrual discharge, a piece of sanitary napkin used for 15 to 18 minutes can become a ‘breeding ground’ for bacteria. Many women would feel that the sanitary napkin in use are giving some odor and causing uncomfortable feeling and itchiness. These are due to the bacteria that have multiplied rapidly. Therefore the sanitary napkins must be changed frequently. But it is very difficult to change a napkin every 20 minutes. Ordinary sanitary napkins in use for two hours would have accumulated abundant bacteria on the surface. During their menstrual period, the women have relatively weaker body resistance and the bacteria which enter their body through the vagina could lead to diseases. Many female genital diseases can thus be caused by the sanitary napkins used. As such, it is important to choose sanitary napkins with high absorption capability and dry surface.

Experiment 4: Taking a look at the composite materials

LayersLove MoonOther Brand
Layer 1Soft and comfortable cotton surface with absorption which is twice stronger.Surface of artificial fiber or rough surface of soft cotton.
Layer 2Anionic tape of world advanced standard and granted with national (China) patent, can effectively get rid of the cause of female vaginal inflamation ie anaerobic bacteria.No such anionic tape or using medicated tape.
Layer 3 and 5Dust-free paper after strict sterilization is used for 360 degree wrapping of the absorbent agent.Paper pulp from recy cled items with high level of chemical bleach is used as filing material, or chemical fiber materials are used.
How dreadful it is for the sensitive skin to come into close contact with suck kind of materials.
Layer 4Adequate absorbent agents which are colourless.Low quantity of absorbent materials.
Layer 6A base film which is permeable to air but not water.Plastic film which is not air permeable.
Layer 7Adhesive base layer used for food product.Adhesive base layer used for industry.

Introduction to layers 3 and 5: Many sub-standard products in the market are mostly made of paper pulp manufactured from recycled wastes. These raw materials contain high levels of lead, bacteria and microorganisms as well as abundant additives used during the re-processing stage such as industrial alkaline, bleaching powder, deodorizer, fluorescence agent and other chemicals. These are all alkaline substances that can easily lead to diseases.

In healthy condition, the human skin has a pH value indicating weak acidity which has its immunity function. The many sub-standard sanitary napkin products commonly found in the market have high contents of alkaline substances that would disrupt the skin acidity, making the human physiological condition conducive for the growth of trichomonad bacteria that can destroy sperms in the vagina to cause infertility. Such patients who go to see the Chinese physicians may be asked to take Chinese herbs for years but all to no avail. If they could see experienced doctors, they would be given proper medication and asked to change to another type of sanitary napkin for two to three months to see if the situation would change.

Layer 4 of  Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin contains absorbent agents of high quality imported from Japan. It has the characteristics of being healthy, environment friendly and non-swelling and could enhance body immunity with its appropriate pH value.

Experiment 5: Showing the air permeability of the underlying layer of Anion Sanitary Napkin

Love Moon Other Brand

We use underlying layer of Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin and other brands to cover a glass of hot water. Wipe three other empty glasses dry and put each of them upside down on the underlying film covering the glass of hot water. After one to two minutes, the reserved glass covering the ‘Love Moon’ sanitary napkin underlying layer is noted to have vapour on its side, proving that the layer has good air permeability. Turn the glass of hot water covered with the ‘Love Moon’ layer upside down and show that no water can flow through the layer.

The experiment proves: ‘Love Moon’ underlying layer is permeable to air but not water can flow through the layer.

Experiment 6: Looking at the adhesive stripe

Let us look at the adhesive stripes of the products. The adhesive stripe of Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin is made of food gum which is the same as that of chewing gum. The adhesive stripes of the sub-standard products of sanitary napkins are mostly made of industrial gum with high levels of methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde and heavy metals which are harmful to the body. If they keep sticking to the underwear and diffuse to the fabric materials, they could come into direct contact with the internal physiological environment through the skin, sweat and vaginal discharge to reach the vagina, causing many female genital diseases.

The experiments prove that Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin has strong absorption and is always dryair permeable and comfortable.

Comparing prices

If we use the ordinary sanitary napkin, we are more vulnerable to various bacteria and may incur heavy expenses for treatments of various genital diseases of varying degrees of seriousness. As such, viewed from the perspectives of health and price, Love Moon’ Anion  Sanitary Napkins are worth the money spent. At the time of the month when women need the best care, the use of  Love Moon Sanitary Napkin can keep us away from female genital diseases and give us a healthy and happy family.

Anion Panty LIner (Pantiliner) (Panty Liner with Negative Ion)

Photo of Anion Panty Liner

pantiliner is an absorbent piece of material used for feminine hygiene. ( also know as “panty liner” or “panty shield“). The uses of pantyliner include: absorbency for daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, post-intercourse discharge and slight urine leaks.

Pantiliner is related to sanitary napkins in their basic construction – usually much thinner and often narrower than pads. Panty liner absorb much less liquid than normal sanitary napkin, pantiliners ideal for light discharge, everyday cleanliness and personal hygiene. Panty liner is unsuitable for menstrual flow or medium to heavy incontinence.

Each piece of Anion Panty Liner consists of Anion Chip that able to release up to 5,800-6,070 Negative Ion (Anion) per cubic cm.  Helps women to prevent bacterial multiplication, vaginal infection/discharge, eliminates odor and promotes comfort. We strongly encourage women who have vaginal infection/discharge use Anion Panty Liner every day to overcome their problem. Anion (Negative Ion) released able to help them to fight with the bacterial infection at their vaginal.

Certificates, Awards and Test Report for Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins

Certificates and Awards for Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin (pdf file) from China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Test Report for Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin (pdf file) from China, Hongn Kong and Singapore.